Our Passion

Nestled in the hills along the back roads of the Nandi Valley, SDU Winery is just 75 km away from Bangalore city. After successfully establishing the winery, Shaambhavi realized quality is achieved when every detail is perfected. She then brought in veteran winemaker from Italy, Andrea Valentinuzzi, to make it all work seamlessly. The team extends their winemaking philosophies to the creation of their first wine brand ‘Deva’ in 2013.

About Us

In 2003, Shaambhavi Hingorani saw her long held dream of a sprawling vineyard take shape on the rich, loamy soils of the Nandi Valley appellation located in the south west region of Karnataka close to the well known garden city of Bangalore. SDU winery was the culmination of this dream and was the first boutique winery from this appellation.

From its inception, SDU Winery has dedicated itself solely to the production of world class red and white wine. We adhere to a simple, yet modern approach to making wine in a state-of-the-art facility with machineries imported from Italy (Della Toffola, Ragazzini, and Bertolaso) and the wine tanks matching international standards. All grapes are sourced solely from our own vineyard. Our renowned Italian winemaker, Andrea Valentinuzzi, strives to bring out the distinctive character of our wines in every step from our vineyard to your glass.