Our Passion

Our winery is equipped with our own in-house laboratory facilities and tasting rooms. Our high-tech labs perform a comprehensive range of tests and analyses to ensure optimum wine quality throughout the process. With a state-of the-art wine tank infrastructure, we are undoubtedly the most progressive boutique winery in India.

Our Winery

At SDU Winery, we want our wines to represent the grapes’ primary expression. We ensure that the same unique characteristic is maintained throughout the winemaking process. We use high quality stainless steel equipment and tanks, as well as oak barrels for fermentation and maturation facilitated by our rigorous in-house laboratory analyses.

When our grapes hit the crush pad, they go through a crusher-destemmer manufactured by the Italian brand ‘Della Toffola’. The extracted grape juices are then fermented in one of our stainless steel tanks with automatic temperature control. This is achieved by a myriad of different sized insulated stainless steel tanks installed along with a robust refrigeration to preserve the fruitiness of the grape.

After fermentation, the wine is allowed to age in the same stainless steel tanks. They are subjected to routine analysis, frequent tasting and quality assessment - ensuring the wine’s character and quality is garnered. When the wine is ready, it is bottled and packaged in the winery using a Bertolaso monoblock for capsule placement and pressure-sensitive labelling to bring you the very finest wines. The winery matures a selected portion of its wines in French oak casks for a minimum of 6 months to produce its ‘Reserve’ wines. There is an extensive Tasting Room at the winery, with both indoors and open-air settings and total seating for over 40 visitors.